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Parenting in a Sexual Culture Print
Written by Karen Farris   



It's not always easy, but for those we love, it is always worth it.

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You Can’t Say You Weren’t Warned Print
Written by Karen Farris   

Every 30 minutes someone contracts HIV. Bad news. HIV remains incurable and can, depending on each individual case, lead to the terminal disease, AIDS.

Sex outside of a monogamous, committed life-long relationship has consequences. Even middle-aged and older folks who have decided to have multiple sexual partners, are learning they aren’t immune to STDs. There is a marked increase in Baby Boomers needing STD treatment.

This just underlines the need for testing if one is sexually active—and for taking time to consider if having sex is really worth the pain….or worse.

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HPV Quiz Print
Written by Karen Farris   

Sexual active? Take a little quiz and see how you score.  HPV remains the #1 sexually transmitted disease in America. With over 100 strains and 40 of them transmitted through sexually activity (including touching), it’s good to know your odds. Flip a coin—heads your good, tails you’re infected.


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Looking for my Tim Tebow Print
Written by Karen Farris   

If I were young, single and looking for a guy to marry, I’d want Tim Tebow. Besides being a wealthy, super talented NFL athlete, he’s also a handsome college graduate from a top-ranked university.  But honestly, those credentials fit some of the other NFL athletes. And I wouldn’t want any of them.

What separates Tebow from some of the others, is that he’s not drinking, doing drugs, committing crimes or having random sex with whomever. Tebow makes the right choices—and that includes waiting for the right woman. And she will need to share his values.

There’s lots of hostility towards Tim Tebow and his choice to remain sexually abstinent. It’s interesting to wonder why so many in the media find it offensive to have someone popular, handsome, rich and successful making a decision that hasn’t affected his on-the-field success.

According to Tim, this is his life’s agenda:

Live pure. Work hard. Leave the rest to God.

Girls, I would do all I could to attract someone like Tim Tebow. Maybe your Tim Tebow won’t be an athlete, or rich, but anyone who values marriage as much as he does would be the kind of man who would never leave you, would honor you, would work hard for you, never cheat on you, and make an amazing father for your children.

There are Tim Tebows out there. You won’t find them where there’s drinking or carousing. You’ll most likely find them at a church on Sunday—and working faithfully during the week.

It’s worth looking for---and girls, it’s worth saving sex for someone like a Tim Tebow. Because when you find him you want to be able to say you waited too.

Bait the Hook With Care Print
Written by Karen Farris   

The pursuit starts young. Attracting guys. Dressing in a way that makes guys look. And look again. Even 8-10 year old girls resemble streetwalkers. Sad to say, they think they need to.

By the time high school proms come around, the revealing attire can leave little to the imagination. Not that the young women don’t look good. That’s not the point.

Stop and consider the goal. Is it an eventual relationship with respect, honor and integrity? How will that be accomplished by putting your body on display?

From all the relationship books I’ve read I’ve concluded that when it comes to guys, the type of bait you use will determine what you catch. So if you bait the hook with your revealing clothes, you may find yourself with someone who only wants what you seem to be offering---your body.

In the end, if you are seeking a stable, lasting relationship, you’ll need to develop a bond with a man who sees you as a partner—not a sex toy. Take time to get to know him. Save your body for the one who wants to know you for your mind, your character, and your life that you want to share

Bait your hook without the eye-popping clothes that leave little to the imagination—because all you’ll probably catch are the “fish” who only want a quick feed and then will move on. Trust me when I tell you that there are men who are waiting for the right bait. You don’t want to miss the opportunity to catch the best. He’s out there waiting for you.


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