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STD’s are not an Equal Opportunity Destroyer Print
Written by Karen Farris   

Recently released findings by the Center for Disease Control indicate that one in four teenage girls nationwide have a sexually transmitted disease. In round numbers, 3 million girls are walking around with a disease that could render them sterile. Girls, due to their inner anatomy, are more prone to the damage caused by these viruses and bacteria.

Another thing to consider is that condoms do not entirely eliminate the transmission of STD’s. This should be a cause for alarm. Anyone who desires to have a healthy future, and one that includes having children someday, might want to consider sexual abstinence-until-marriage (this includes genital touching and oral sex). One aspect of waiting for the one you love could be having a shared future without health problems.

Reality Sex: Caution it involves High Risk Print
Written by Karen Farris   

If you’re reading this and you are under 25 and even if you aren’t yet married, then you probably know all about sex. I mean, it’s normal to have sexual thoughts and feelings. That’s how we’re designed. And how can you avoid thinking about sex when every movie, magazine, computer pop-up and commercial highlights it? But….

In the words of a teen I know, “the truth sucks”. For this unfortunate 19 year old, she now gets to share Herpes with any future sex partners. This is the statistic to remember in the heat of the moment: 25% of all new STD’s each year are contracted by teens. And 50% of all Herpes infections are contracted by teens. (FYI this is a life-long, never say good-bye disease).

Okay-now I need to be a bit graphic here: your mouth is a STD site too. So are your fingers. In other words, these things can spread easier than you might realize.

We love our TV reality shows—except the reality show called High Risk Sex. If it seems like I dwell on disease instead of the good feelings associated with sex, I apologize. I hope you can arrive at the altar unhindered with nearly 20 STD’s ~~ many life-long suckers destined to ruin a good thing. Save sex for marriage, and one thing I will guarantee you won’t have any unwanted visitors in bed with you.

Sexual Freedom, Making Out & Boundaries Print
Written by Karen Farris   

As each person decides what he or she wants to do in a sexual situation, is it also important to think who else might be affected by that choice? Let’s say that you determine to make out with someone. Maybe you care for this person, or perhaps it’s just a fling. If the other person involved thinks it’s okay, then is everything fine? 

What about your future relationships?  Like getting married one day. Will this night of making out, make a huge difference? It can. In fact, it will. All of these events add up to changing our hearts and minds. That’s why it is so vital to protect us. Yeah, supposedly condoms protect from some STD’s and some chances of pregnancy—but it protects zero for the heart.

Valentine’s Day: the day honoring love, just look at how many are searching for love, and wondering why they can’t find it. Maybe, just maybe, too much time was spent doing physical stuff that was meant for someone special. Besides STD’s, pregnancy, and broken hearts, if you want to experience real love, save it all for when you’re really ready. Making out and what it leads to is worth waiting for.

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High-Risk Sex Print
Written by Karen Farris   

We tend to equate “high-risk” with something that could lead to severe injury or death—say perhaps sky-diving, or swimming in shark-infested waters. When we put “high-risk” together with “sex” we think of homosexual partners and sharing needles along with sex partners.

Think again. Thanks to the ideas of safe sex, we now have epidemic levels of sexually transmitted diseases. And we need to re-think what high-risk sex involves. Unless you are in a monogamous (meaning one partner, preferably married for life) relationship, you are practicing high-risk sex when:

· You have unprotected sex without use of a condom (which only somewhat protects from disease).

· You have unprotected mouth-to-genital contact.

· You have early sexual activity, especially before age 18.

· You have multiple sexual partners.

· You have a high-risk sexual partner.

High-risk activities can lead to severe injury or death. Sexually transmitted diseases can too. Ask someone who is living with HIV or Herpes, or perhaps is now infertile due to Chlamydia. High-Risk Sex is not a joy ride.

Sex Stats: It isn’t pretty Print
Written by Karen Farris   

Sex has been used to sell everything from gum to car parts. Nightly TV is replete with steamy scenes capturing our attention. And then there are the computer pop-ups, with dancing, somewhat provocative images. Shall we mention the new photos anyone can now put online of friends and neighbors in various stages of undress? Is it any wonder we can’t get sex out of our minds?

Given that sex is here to stay, shall we also perhaps begin to recognize that we are not winning the battle against sexually transmitted diseases? Is it time to conclude that with sexual contact, including oral sex, STD transmission can occur? Could Hollywood perhaps film the reality of a herpes infection and the anguish it causes? Okay, they probably won’t. Sex sells, STD’s don’t. So it is left up to those savvy enough to read and discover the truth. Here you are, the latest statistics from the Center for Disease Control:

The US has the highest STD rates of any country in the industrialized world. Half of all sexually active young people will have an STD by age 25

Only ½ of all women are ever diagnosed and treated for the leading STD causing sterility.

The risk of acquiring HIV is higher when the sexually active individuals contract HPV, hepatitis B, gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydia and trichomoniasis.

A measly 14% of men and 8% of women think they are at risk for acquiring an STD. Quite a few people need to wake up.

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