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The Cost of Sex Just Got Higher Print
Written by Karen Farris   

The news is not good...

A recently released study involving undiagnosed Chlamydia infections shows that not just girls and women suffer infertility—men suffer as well. Chlamydia, one of the most common STD’s frequently attacks without symptoms, causing it s victims to not seek treatment. For women, this has often led to increased likelihood of future infertility. ~~~ Now, with a recently published study, men’s sperm quality damaged by Chlamydia, causes DNA fragmentation, at levels three times higher than uninfected men.~~~ With all STD’s, the cost is paid now and in the future. Testing and treatment are one option, but abstinence until faithful marriage remains the only certain approach to future health and the benefits of fertility. This is something many couples long for, but sadly many are discovering has become a closed door.

Casual Sex Casualties Print
Written by Karen Farris   

The Hollywood version of sex seems easy enough. Certainly it doesn’t appear to have any health problems. But the truth is often waiting in the pending lab results.

More than at any other time in history are those who have chosen to become sexually active with multiple partners, facing the sad truth they now have the “gift” that keeps on giving: a Sexually Transmitted Disease.

Make no mistake, these are not the STD’s that are simply treated and disappear. These are the ones that have no cure, rely on spendy treatments, and defy the protection seemingly offered by a condom. Want some reality? These diseases can leave you in pain, cause chronic depression, infertility, increased chances of birth defects—if you can succeed in getting pregnant, as well as lead to cervix, penile and anal cancer. Sound inviting?

Hollywood forgot to mention that 8 to 10 million teens will contract an STD this year, while one in four sexually active teens has an STD at this very moment. I’ll leave you with one more reality that isn’t mentioned often enough: each day another 21,000 teens will discover this was all painfully true.

Don’t let it happen. The choice is still yours, not Hollywood’s or anyone else’s.

Sexual Truth and Consequences: Real Testimonies Print
Written by Karen Farris   

I thought she had sex with me right away because she liked me. But she just wanted to tell people she'd done it with me. Even though I'd like to forget her I never will. Why? Because, for the rest of my life, every time I'm involved in a relationship, I'm going to have to tell the person that I have one of the worst kind of STIs, Herpes Simplex 2. It has no cure, I get rashes and blisters on my private areas and everything itches. I need to rest a lot-when I get stressed out, the blisters appear more often. I wonder if someone will ever want to be with me knowing that I have this and could pass it on to them. I am so angry at the girl who gave me this disease and didn't warn me. Having sex was supposed to mean I would feel really good. But I feel ashamed of myself. It wasn't that she was easy, I was easy. And I got used and I got this disease too.

You hear about AIDS all the time but I thought it wouldn't ever happen to anyone I knew. Then my sister's best friend got AIDS. This girl was a cheerleader, she got good grades, she had this great personality. Now she gets all these infections which take forever to cure-she misses lots of school. When she's at school, she gets diarrhea a lot so she's forever out of class just going to the bathroom. She's not as pretty as she was. Maybe it's the pain she's in, or maybe it's the rashes she gets all over her skin, or the times I see her when her skin is peeling. I asked her how she got AIDS, and you know what she said? "I trusted someone." Turns out she thought anyone with AIDS wouldn't want to spread it, so they'd either not have sex, or they'd tell you so you could decide whether you still wanted to do it or not. Who knows, maybe the guy didn't know he had it. But she never asked if he used drugs, or if he had had sex with lots of people, or if he had gotten tested or treated for infections. I don't think she took the time to really get to know him. I learned that even girls who have everything can get one of the worst infections imaginable if they make bad decisions. We all know she's going to die.

Sometimes my friends and I don't act as responsibly as we should. I've been told that I need to set limits on how much control my friends have over what I do. But it's so much more fun, sometimes, just doing what everyone else is doing. My best friend and I both got drunk at a party just to loosen up and have a better time. She ended up having sex which she never would have done that if she had been in her right mind. We were both scared she might be pregnant or have an STI. Turns out she got genital warts. She had them taken off but she told me that the warts keep coming back. I found out that those kinds of warts have been linked to cancer. I couldn't believe it! And it's not just warts, other sexually transmitted infections are too. I think about my best friend a lot. Don't ever drink or use drugs to try to have a good time. It can lead to doing dumb things that you later regret. Just ask her.




Florida Department of Health

Sex & Making Money Print
Written by Karen Farris   

Just in case you feel your hard earned cash isn’t working hard enough, your tax dollars are keeping one business exceedingly profitable.

Planned Parenthood’s 2006 fiscal year was their best ever. A record number of abortions (244,628) netted them $104 million dollars. Since 1987 they have received $3.9 billion in taxpayer money. As the nation’s largest abortion provider, they work hard to preserve this source of revenue. This includes spending their assets countering the abstinence-education message. One can understand why they undermine making wise choices when their profits hinge on the reckless abandon of sexual promiscuity.

Recent legislation passed in Missouri requiring abortion clinics to meet more stringent health and safety requirements. Planned Parenthood is seeking to overturn this legislation, complaining that the upgrades in one of their largest abortion clinics would cost $600,000.00. One could argue they are rolling the dice with women’s health safety rather than dip into some of that taxpayer stash. Without going into graphic medical detail, suffice it to say that a woman undergoing a clinical abortion, should at least receive the same standards she would have if she were having any other serious medical procedure.

It is also interesting to note that in a recent study of condom effectiveness by Consumers Union, as reported in Consumer Reports, most of Planned Parenthood’s condoms ranked last. Once again, it would seem that it might be more prudent to provide the highest quality condom if one were truly trying to prevent pregnancy and disease. Planned Parenthood scrambled to improve on this after being “exposed”.

The bottom line seems to be money and sex. Sadly, both sex and money in the wrong situation can devastate lives, while making a subsequent abortion industry rich. May the fledgling resources and commitment of those in the abstinence education movement counter this Goliath. We really can’t afford to fail, for our future generation’s hope rests on healthy bodies and relationships. Planned Parenthood has already inflicted enough pain.

Comprehensive Sex Ed & Back to School Print
Written by Karen Farris   

As students return to classrooms the opportunities to learn about sex will most likely include the standard condom exercises involving bananas, where and how to acquire birth control, and a smattering of information regarding sexually transmitted diseases. So what’s wrong with sex information?

Sadly, kids also need to hear that to truly be safe from STD’s abstinence-until-faithful- marriage is the only answer. Will they get this message mixed in with the condom handouts? It’s also important to hear that waiting for sex might be good for the heart.

We’re not talking heart disease; we’re talking about the emotional heart. No amount of latex will protect someone from a broken heart, disheartened life, or disillusioned relationship that was based on sex. Do we do enough to warn kids about what early sex does to the heart and how it might make it increasingly more difficult to ever find lasting security in a relationship? All we need to do is look at our sad marriage statistics to see the results of free sex.

Most young people desire the ideals of a future marriage, yet our Sex Ed doesn’t equip them with the necessary tools. If you’re single, take heart—you only have one and it deserves to be protected too.

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