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Written by Karen Farris   

Chlamydia Continues to Attack the Unsuspecting

According to a study by Reuters Health, a large number of young people between the ages 14-39 have chlamydia. This sexually transmitted disease continues to rank high in its stealthy ways—often nicknamed the silent sterilizer for the young women it infects.

Chlamydia can cause slight symptoms that are easy to overlook, yet damage to the reproductive organs can be occurring. Infertility is a reality with this disease. Screening for sexually active individuals is vital. Treatment can cure this STD.

One other option to avoid unnecessary fear, disease, and its aftermath is to opt to save sex for marriage.

Written by Karen Farris   

Living the life of the rich and famous doesn’t protect against Sexually transmitted diseases.

Heartthrob Actor Esai Morales (formerly of NYPD Blue) is being sued by ex-girlfriend, Elizabeth Mazzocchi. She claims he intentionally infected her with the STD Herpes. As she filed her lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court, she stated that Morales left her with “an incurable disease that will have associated medical expenses, pain and discomfort for the rest of her life.”

Statistics indicate that one in five Americans over the age of 12 have already been infected with Genital Herpes. This disease can be transmitted even when symptoms are not present. The best way to avoid transmission? Save Sex For Marriage and remain faithful to your partner. You’ll never find yourself dealing with a life-long disease long after a quick romance comes to an END.

Sex Roulette Print
Written by Karen Farris   

Most people would probably read a warning label. How else would we avoid a possible danger, or an adverse side effect? Why then, do many avoid the warnings about sex outside of faithful marriage?

A warning label on a package of condoms usually indicates that condoms are not 100% effective in preventing pregnancy and if used properly can be 85% effective against HIV transmission. The World Health Organization reports that condoms are even less effective than that. Their statistics say it’s closer to 80% effective in preventing HIV transmission. Now that seems like a warning. Would you stay on a jet if the pilot announced there would only be an 80% chance of a safe landing?

Today’s attitudes regarding relationships have become decidedly free and easy. No need to worry about commitment, or bother with formalities regarding sex. If it works out okay, if not, move on. But wait a minute? Is there a downside to this moving in and then moving on?

You’ve heard of Russian roulette, what about sex roulette? Every time you have sex with another partner, you increase the odds of getting a life-long disease, while decreasing the odds for a satisfying long-lasting relationship. Maybe you should leave the sex roulette gun on a shelf. Pay attention to the warnings. It really is about a healthy life: yours.

HPV Connected To More Than Just Cervical Cancer Print
Written by Karen Farris   

The sexually active need to be aware of recent studies implicating HPV with other cancers

HPV has a long established history with cervical cancer. Now there is clear evidence that a number of other cancers, including malignancies of other reproductive organs, and the head and neck. In addition, breast cancer patients who are HPV infected tended to be younger.

The Independent 6/10/07

New STD Rates Higher With Condom Use Print
Written by Karen Farris   

Sexually active individuals need to be aware of this disease:

Mycoplasma genitalium, an STD discovered in the 1980’s is rapidly spreading among young adults in the US. More common than gonorrhea, it often has few symptoms. Statistics indicate that the rate of infection is 4 times higher for those who used condoms at their last intercourse. It is one more disease that sexually active individuals need to be aware.

American Journal of Public Health

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