Wait For Marriage
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Written by Karen Farris   
Teens Need To Know This: Tests don't show STD's
Last Updated on Tuesday, 27 January 2009 22:16
Premarital Sex Survey Print
Written by Karen Farris   
A recent study deems that “ premarital sex is normal behavior for the vast majority of Americans, and has been for decades”. This opinion expressed by the study’s author, Lawrence Finer, was deducted from interviews with 38,000 individuals. A many as 9 out of 10 Americans has had premarital sex, according to this study.
MEDIA & MESSAGES: Sex sells Print
Written by Karen Farris   
We are exposed to over 3000 media messages every day. Media comes in many forms: TV, Radio, Magazines, Newspapers, Billboards, DVDs, CDs, Movies, Computer Pop-ups. Perhaps you feel it really doesn't have any effect. But is that really true? Think about this; is it hard for a fish to see the water it's swimming in? What does this mean? Well, a fish is swimming in the water so he's can't really see the water. For us, we're in the midst of all of this media exposure; can we really see how it affects us? It's sometimes hard to tell.
WARNING: Online Pornography Print
Written by Karen Farris   

Pornography, like illicit drugs, can alter your life, perhaps in ways you'd never expect. What may start out as simple curiosity can lead to total dependency.  Online porn and sex-chat rooms are easily accessed, but sadly, hard to get away from. Very quickly, porn causes a physiological reaction. Similar to the high of drugs, you'll have an increased desire to experience the "rush" again, leading to more frequent viewing or chatting. Simply put, this is a cycle of addition.

By Karen Farris

Ten Tips for Parents Print
Written by Karen Farris   

According to recent studies, most parents and teens overwhelmingly agree that sexual issues should be taught in the home. However, more than one third of adolescents recently surveyed say they have never had a helpful conversation about sex with their parents. Many parents feel unprepared or even unqualified to discuss sexual issues. The following are some pointers to help make the discussion easier.

By Karen Farris

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